Operating is sublimely easy.

Basic operation with Circle Interface.
The dedicated app for operating Laundroid enables visualization on its interface of the frequency with which previously registered items of clothing are worn.


laundroid laundroid laundroid
Circle interface
Used to operate Laundroid
Slide door / Pickup trays
Used to stack clothing that has been folded and sorted for eventual removal
Insert box
Where you place unfolded clothing


Just put the clothing in the insert box,
and turn the circle interface.
Press and hold the center of the circle interface to turn Laundroid on. Put the clothing in.
3:00 READY 7:00 START
Start laundroid from 7 Start laundroid from 7
Start laundroid from 7
Leave /laundroid alone until it has finished folding. Once it has finished folding and sorting, the blue LED flashes at the 12:00 position.
Circle Interface until 12 Circle Interface until 12
Circle Interface until 12
Turn the circle interface needle to 12:00, and the door will open, enabling you to remove the stacked clothing.
Take out clothes Take out clothes
Circle Interface at 12

  • App of laundroid
Dedicated smartphone app
Use the dedicated smartphone app to organize and monitor your clothing as an online closet. If, for example, you want to check on what clothing you have at home while you’re shopping, you can launch the app to do so.
The app also contains various functions for enhancing use, including operation manual, status notifications, usage history, announcements, and support.
*Because the app is undergoing constant development, the actual display may differ from that shown here.
Hello laundroid

Voice control
We have collaborated with Cerevo Inc. to enable to be controlled by voice commands.
You can now operate your even if it is in another room by speaking to Cerevo’s Lumigent, a robot desk lamp.
We are also planning to equip itself with voice controls,
and will announce details as soon as they have been decided.
Collaborated with