/ developer’s plan

For developers

Calling developers who have any good ideas for collaboration with /laundroid.
How about stepping out into the future with us?

/ developer’s plan

An API for the world’s first-ever fully automatic laundry folding robot

Joint development with other companies and developers after API release

Our developer’s plan is a forward-looking project by which we will provide a /laundroid API to jointly develop applications with developers that will provide our customers with new lifestyle choices.


API release schedule
October 2017: release of preliminary version
November 2017: release of final version

* This schedule may be changed.


Strong Partnership for joint venture in development

October 2015,start partnership towards commercialization
by joint development with Panasonic Corporation & Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd

partnership of developing laundroid by Panasonic, Daiwa House, seven dreamers

developer‘s plan partners

  • airCloset