We’ve used a totally new concept to design Laundroid, making it something that serves as both a household appliance and furniture. It will look at home in the bedroom, in the living room, or next to your favorite item of furniture, so you can choose how to fit it into your lifestyle. We aimed to give Laundroid a beautiful, refined look, simple enough that it would suit any living space.
We have used glass and wood, and genuine leather for handles and other touched parts. We paid meticulous attention to feel as well as look, right from choice of materials.


Priority on materials

Using genuine materials to match ’s elegance
The alluring beauty of glass
We used toughened glass for the front panel. Its beautiful smooth surface will match any interior and lend color to your life.
  • White


  • Wine black


  • Pure mirror

    Pure mirror

  • Dark mirror

    Dark mirror

The strength and warmth of natural wood
We used real wood from only native trees for the side panels. The delicate differences in grain and hue mean that each and every unit is unique in appearance.
Because real wood from native trees is used for the wood panels, the grain and hue of each unit is unique. This means that the grain and hue of the product delivered to you may differ from the Laundroid displayed in showrooms and exhibitions, but we trust that you will appreciate this as a natural characteristic that makes your Laundroid one of a kind.

Real wood panel

  • White ash

    White ash

  • Walnut


  • Silver heart

    Silver heart

  • Rosewood


Matt panel

  • Matt white

    Matt white

  • Matt black

    Matt black

The velvety, quality feel of leather
We used genuine leather for the circle interface and insert box handle that are handled to operate Laundroid.
The more you use it, the more it grows on you,making your one of a kind.
  • Brown


  • Black


  • Cream



*The leather used in Laundroid is of a type that changes over time.
If you don’t like change, then this might not be for you, but we selected such leather to enable you to enjoy the way it changes with the passage of time to become uniquely yours the more you use it.