The World’s 1stLaundry Folding Bot

Laundroid is the world's first, automatic, laundry,folding and sorting bot. Under the strong intention of”What you can imagine, can be realized".By overcoming many difficulties, for about 10 years, we succeeded in the development of laundroid

laundroid is the world's first,automatic,laundry,Folding and sorting bot.Under the strong intention of”What you can imagine, can be realized"by overcoming many difficulties,for about 10 years,we succeeded in the development of laundroid


Make 0 daysfor free time

Our daily working stance is to use our technical capabilities that we have cultivated in the aerospace development, to maximize ability performance. We aimed our development of laundroid so, that it can make and increase more free time in daily life for the users'. It is said that the general time spent on laundry work at home in ourentire life is estimated to be about 18,000 hours.About 50 percent out of that time 375 days is told to be the time we spend on folding, sorting and replacing time that is being taken. When we calculate this time to how may days is being taken by this process it will be 375 days. Therefore laundroid users will be able deduct the time being taken create additional 375 days spare time to enjoy more freely.



Image analysis×Robotics

Our resulted as breakthrough came down to two key technological points.was two key technological points.Those two points where motion analysis and robotic technology.First we had to cultivate the automationof the object that will be fold.Since the flexible object (clothing) that will be folded.Since the flexible object needed to be recognizesand indicated what type and shape the clothing was in order to be folded.From then the robot will be able to fold the object as programed.


Joint developmentwith the best partners

October 2015,start vigorously towards commercialization by joint development withPanasonic Corporation & Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.



in fiscal years2016Aim of pre-order launch





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